29 October, 2015

What’s Happened to Volkswagen’s Paid Search?

It’s been described as “one of the biggest corporate scandals of recent years”, forcing one of the world’s most recognisable brands to take out full-pag […]

5 May, 2015

New vs. Used Cars: A Strategic Approach Is Key in Car Dealership Marketing

New car registrations are released every March and September, but do new car or used car searches come up trumps with car manufacturers and retailers at these t […]

21 April, 2015

Why the Post-March Share of Voice Dip for Compare the Market and Money Supermarket?

Our data for the insurance aggregator market shows that, since March 2014, Compare the Market and Money Supermarket have experienced a declining share of voice […]

17 December, 2014

Should Car Manufacturers Offer Online Car Valuation Services to Boost Marketing Visibility?

Car valuation tools are all over the web, yet manufacturers are notably absent from the search result rankings. Here we ask whether this represents a potentiall […]

28 November, 2014

When Do People Buy New Cars?

The economic influence of the automobile industry can’t be overstated, so it’s incredibly important to understand consumer behavior in terms of new car purc […]