20 October, 2015

Double Glazing: From Cold-Calling to Ad Copy

Try as we might, there are a few stereotypes that it’s hard to shake when we think about different jobs, no matter how unfair they might be. Double glazing sa […]

24 September, 2015

Making PPC and SEO Work for Each Other

According to the old saying, ignorance is bliss, but any search marketer who uses it as their motto is probably an out-of-work search marketer. Gaining knowledg […]

8 September, 2015

Who has the Most Energetic Ad Copy in Energy?

It’s that time of year again: children are going back to school, coats are being dug out of cupboards and the long summer evenings are starting to get that li […]

30 March, 2015

The Future of Green Energy in Search

The green energy PPC market is set for growth, and careful timing and keyword planning will prove indispensable as competition increases.

24 March, 2015

How the Big Six Energy Suppliers’ Overcharging Pushed Customers to Switch Providers

High energy prices set by the big six providers have caused customers to seek better deals online via independent suppliers.