27 October, 2015

5 Tips for Beating Black Friday

If it’s not in your diary yet, write it in, circle it with a thick red pen, and put a bookmark in the page. Black Friday is coming, and if you’re not prepar […]

16 October, 2015

Christmas is Coming: Get Your PPC Ready

The lights are already up in Oxford Street and supermarkets are stocking special turkey sandwiches – Christmas is coming, and it’s time to get ready.
Fo […]

14 October, 2015

Using PPC to Look Cool in the Summer Heat

Summer is looming in Australia, which means long days and hot sun. For most people, that’s an excuse for getting out in the great outdoors, but when the tempe […]

8 October, 2015

How to Outplay the Fashion Market with PPC

It’s a simple idea that even the most unstylish people know: fashion is cyclical. What might be trendy one year will be hidden in the back of the cupboard a f […]

22 September, 2015

Sun, Sea and SEM: Adthena at BrightonSEO

Invite 2,000 people with an interest in digital marketing to beach-side brilliance of Brighton, throw in the fact that it all takes place on a Friday and add a […]