22 October, 2015

The Ad Copy Battle Behind the iPhone 6S

The annual release of the latest iteration of the iPhone has become the new Christmas for Apple fans, with heartfelt wishlists, sleepless nights, and finally, t […]

5 February, 2015

German vs UK Mobile Networks: How Does PPC Compare?

How do mobile network operators in the UK and Germany compare to one another with regards to PPC marketing, and how competitive is the market in each country?

19 December, 2014

How the Loss of the Brand Name Impacted Nokia Searches

After purchasing Nokia’s mobile phone division, Microsoft dropped the Nokia brand altogether in November. How will this move affect the PPC market for mobile […]

17 October, 2014

Who Wins Now That Phones 4U Is Lost?

In September, the once-successful Phones 4U collapsed. Who will step into the SEM gulf that they have left behind?

28 August, 2014

Who’s Winning the iPhone 6 PPC Race?

The iPhone 6 will be the biggest smartphone launch of the year, but which companies are using PPC to boost their presence ahead of the announcement?