Monitor your whole market

Adthena is the only competitive intelligence tool that analyses your whole market with no keyword limits and no competitor limits. Dynamically monitoring your complete market landscape enables gap analysis with your main competitors and accurate Share of Voice trend reporting.


Identify new opportunities

Our unique market approach makes Adthena the leading solution for capturing new search opportunities, compared to rival tools, which only monitor known keywords. We uncover the gaps in your keyword coverage and help you find new targets before your competitors get there first.



Use Adthena to assess competitor ad copy, keywords and spend, so that you can identify your next big strategic move. Clients use our competitive intelligence data to identify emerging market strategies, seasonal ad copy patterns, PPC trends, competitor keyword prioritisation and more.


Save time and money

Monitor brand violations with Adthena brand infringement reports, recognise areas of spend inefficiency before it’s too late and simplify your processes with our fully automated suite of competitor reports.

Customer Success Stories



A large automotive site and their agency iProspect benchmark their share of voice “SOV” and review changes monthly for key areas of used car, trucks and vans against competitors like Ford, eBay and Mercedes. They then adjust strategy for the coming period. Their agency iProspect is easily able to compile the reports through Adthena’s automated scheduling function.


Retail – Apparel/Sports/Fashion

A famous global brand which sells directly online and via channel partners across many countries wanted to understand the different competitor set in each territory and track their progress. Using Adthena they are able to track share of voice for resellers, competing manufacturers and favored partners across many geographies.


Retail – Grocery & General Merchandise

One of the world’s largest grocery retailers wanted to understand their competitor’s adcopy rotations and share of voice “SOV” by their important categories like electronics, telecoms, baby and grocery. Through using Adthena they are now able to understand the impact of competitor offers and where keyword opportunities exist for them in each product category. This is especially important in categories where online competition is strongest.



A major travel brand operates agreements with an extensive network of affiliates and booking agents. In order to ensure partners abide by agreements and don’t bid on agreed terms the client and their agency use Adthena’s infringement monitoring functionality. Daily reports on infringements are provided and distributed to partners. The cost savings for the client are £10k – £15k per month.

Travel – Hotels

A major hotel group was looking to recruit customers from international markets to the UK by understanding the competitive landscape in those markets along with the keyword opportunities. They deployed Adthena to a competitor in each of those markets to learn about the keyword landscape, competitor landscape, budgets and traffic available. The Adthena information is crucial to inform their own strategy for budgets and campaigns. 


Financial Services – Insurance

One of Australia’s largest insurance groups used Adthena to discover their main competitor was out of the market on weekends and evenings. They adjusted their budgets accordingly and saved more than $500,000 while increasing traffic. Additionally, they were able to redeploy their savings to higher converting periods during the week further increasing their traffic.


Financial Services – Retail

One of the world’s largest financial services companies and their agency Adobe wanted to differentiate their credit card offerings in the market. Using Adthena Adobe was able to analyse the prevailing themes of competitor adcopy and offers and were able to differentiate their own offering.


Technology – Payments

A major software provider was increasingly threatened by a rapidly emerging online competitor. Through using Adthena they were able to understand the competitor’s impact and most importantly devise a strategy to counteract their emergence in search. Using Adthena they could see that their emerging online competitor had good PPC traffic share but poor SEO traffic, whereas they were strong in both. Our client by increasing their PPC presence they could reduce their competitor’s paid traffic and since the competitor had no natural traffic to rely on and no offline sales channels their sales would be impacted.


Technology – Software

One of the world’s largest software and payments services companies was launching a new online service into a very competitive market. In order to understand the impact of their marketing against those competitors they used Adthena to monitor their share of voice, competitor spends and competitor offers.



One of the UK’s largest gaming operators is constantly looking for productive keyword themes for new and existing gaming franchises. They chose Adthena because of its unique ‘market-driven’ approach, which allows them to uncover keyword opportunities that are already working for competitors or in adjacent markets. Any unusual themes they can exploit are extremely valuable in the hyper-competitive online gaming market.


Telecom – Manufacturer

A major global telecoms and technology brand relies heavily on retail partners like Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone. They want to understand what promotions and budgets their retail partners are allocating to competitor products like Samsung. This enables them to negotiate for and implement stronger promotions through those channels and to allocate budgets according to those channels that were actively advertising their products.

Telecom & Internet

One of the world’s largest telecom carriers invests millions in paid search each month. Along with their GroupM agency they wanted to understand their share of voice against a particularly fierce set of competitors. This is especially important when new handsets are released. Using Adthena they monitor changes in their market and competitors on a weekly basis, this enables a clearer picture of the effectiveness of their campaigns and the responses of their competition. 


Business & Industrial

A leading listed property website brought their search marketing in-house and wanted to understand the budgets being deployed by their competitors in order to plan strategically for the year. Using Adthena they were able to understand their nearest competitors and budget to combat their campaigns and review monthly.

Discover the strategies that drive your competitors’ traffic

Discover how a leading Australian insurance company was able to save $50k per year in PPC spend using Adthena

Our client operates multiple insurance brands in the Australian market and up to 70% of their acquisitions come from search marketing. Using Adthena, they revealed their main competitor’s surprising strategy: pausing PPC campaigns over the weekend. In theory, this should have resulted in higher traffic and lower CPC for our client, but the Adthena data revealed otherwise.

Watch this short video with Ian O’Rourke (CEO & Founder of Adthena) to find out how this Adthena insight helped our client to increase their search ROI through smarter budget allocation.

What Our Customers Say

David Moore at Resolution AU is a brand advocate for Adthena.




David Moore, Director, Resolution Media Australia

Our clients depend on us to manage & implement their campaigns, to deliver the best possible return on their SEM spend. As part of this, we wish to keep on top of the constantly changing market dynamics that affect performance and spend. The exceptional quality of Adthena and their team of experts gives us reassurance that we’re providing our clients with the best possible view on their competitive environment.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 13.28.45
Bill Robinson, SEM Specialist, REA Group

Adthena has been extremely valuable in guiding our SEM strategy and maximising our ROI against competitors.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 09.43.51
Manfredi Sassoli de Bianchi, Head of Search Marketing & Biddable Media, Essence

Adthena consistently delivers relevant competitor information about the search advertising landscape; across both natural and paid. This tool has definitely helped us in to make more informed campaign decisions and operate more efficiently.